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Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Our Services

Bow Hosts offers fast, reliable and secure web hosting solutions, with one thing in mind: Customer Service.

Uptime Guarantee

With a 99% uptime track record, we guarantee uninterrupted access to whatever you choose to use your server space for. Whether it be for website hosting, redirects, reserved domains or simply an email solution.

Secure Backups

Providing cloud based backup solutions that ensure your data remains safe and secure for when you need it.
We are responsible for your data. And we’ll protect it as if it was our own.

Safe & Secure

Using some of the best server side security measures available, we make it almost impossible for your data to be breached by unwanted individuals, whether local or foreign.
Our servers are locked up. And tightly so.

Dedicated Support

Support is our main priority.
We know hosting can be a confusing business, but with Bow Hosts it does not have to be!
We’re always here to help when you need it and make sure you know what’s happening and when.

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

Whether you want something that works right out of the box, or if you’d like full access over your platform. We give you the option.
We’ll have you up and running in the way you choose faster than you might think.

Connect to your control panel via any mobile device

Easy file management system allowing for seamless usability

Carrier grade Supermicro hardware and Intel Xeon E5 processors with Super Fast SSD hard drives

Offering security solutions for whatever your needs are online

Providing you with insights on what exactly is happening on your server when you need it

Cloud based solutions that make data retention a priority.

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Cloud Based Backup Solutions

Providing cloud based backups, keeping your data secure and readily available when you need it

SSD Hard Drive Storage

Giving you the fastest storage solution available to date. Helping you transfer files, emails and downloads at incredible speeds.


Using a user friendly control panel is an essential part of making hosting as simple as possible for the end user.

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

Get in touch with us today and get expert advice on what to do next, or simply ask a question. We’re here to help wherever we can!

Easy Setups

One Click Installs

Giving you access to easy, one click installs for platforms like WordPress and Joomla, helping you get your website up and running as fast as possible, with the least amount of technical knowledge required.